Who We Are

At Apex Promoz our goal is to put smiles on people’s faces! We accomplish this by producing special events that are of the highest quality and maintaining a focus on exceptional customer service, family friendly focus and Lagniappe (A little something extra). We view the quality of events that we produce and the customer service that we provide as the apex of the events industry. At Apex Promoz, we take the time to do the small things that make a difference in the experience that all of our participants have. We want you to walk away from our events with a big smile on your face and talking about what a great experience it was. We focus on return customers, we want to see you over and over again, that’s how we know that we are doing things right!

We take this approach at Apex because we believe this is what helps build positive relationships between us, our participants, the non-profits we support and all of our wonderful and generous sponsors, which ultimately creates a positive impact on the community. At the core of everything we do is the desire to build community with our events. We hope that each of our events will provide an outlet for members of the community to build new relationships, inspire healthy lifestyles, and give back to the causes they believe in.

What We Do

Apex Promoz is a full-service event management company. We guide each event host through the process of producing an extremely high quality and successful event from the initial pre-race meetings in which we will establish the event name and goals through the final cleanup and accounting of funds. Our goal is to make the process of producing an event a turnkey operation for the host. In order to make this happen we break events down into three phases, Pre-Event, Event Day, PostEvent. At every stage of the event Apex Promoz will led the host through the process and allow the host to have as much or as little involvement as they see fit. Every host is different and has different strengths, weakness and needs and we strive to compliment the host well and exceed the expectations of the host. We provide a full list of all services and equipment provided to the sponsor/host in our vendor contract.